Dental Avant Garde We enjoy the privilege of serving you

Our mission is to achieve the highest level of oral care.

we will treat every patient in a caring concerned, empathetic, understanding honest and professional manner.

We will maintain the ghighest ethical personal and professional standars possible.

Is to provide our patients with a dental experience that will promote a lifelong relationship built on trust, confidence, quality of work, and exceptional patient care.

It is our vision to strive to remove barriers that seem to get in the way when it comes to a patient’s ability to maintain a healthy smile. Dental Avant Garde Team is constantly working to discover new ways to break through these barriers so that each and every one of our patients can achieve the smile they deserve!

Meet The Dentists

This is our amazing team

Dr. Octavio González Lomelí
Dr. Octavio González LomelíDental implants, TMJ, Oral Rehabilitator and Implantologist
Dra. Norma Cristina Quezada Carrillo
Dra. Norma Cristina Quezada CarrilloGeneral and Cosmetic Dentistry
Dr. Luis Ivan Juarez Noriega
Dr. Luis Ivan Juarez NoriegaGeneral Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry
Dr. Denis O. Bonilla
Dr. Denis O. Bonilla Endodontics and Emergencies
Dr. Luis Daniel Mondragon
Dr. Luis Daniel MondragonOral Rehabilitation and Implantologist.
Dra. Maria Del Carmen Gandarela Barro
Dra. Maria Del Carmen Gandarela BarroEndodontics and Facial Cosmetics
Dr. Luis Gilberto Vergara Aceves
Dr. Luis Gilberto Vergara AcevesC.D.E.P.I. Periodontist and Implantologist

Meet The Assistants

Irma Liliana Garcia Martinez – Maria Anayeli Flores Langarica – Cristina Hernandez Martinez

Esmeralda Anahi Pérez Pérez

Amy Karolina Herrera Martínez

Irma Liliana. García Martínez Assistant

Irma Liliana. García Martínez – Assistant

Meet The Adminstrators

Carolyn Rinze
Carolyn RinzeGeneral Coordinator Customer Service Manager
Eva Torres
Eva TorresGeneral Accountant

Meet The Laboratory Techs

Fernando Becerra Lopez
Fernando Becerra LopezSoftware Development Engineer and Dental Laboratory Director at Dental Avantgarde
Manolo Silva Salgado
Manolo Silva Salgado Laboratory and Systems Technician Electrónics Technician

I can smile with complete confidence! I can’t now imagine ever being concerned about appearing in photos. It’s just been a new lease of life. Thank you.

Laura Hughes