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  • Cory Logan
    The experience at Dental Avant Garde was fantastic! I was extremely impressed with the facility, staff and the patients. The facility was very clean and modern The doctors and supporting staff have the utmost proffessionalism and ethics in treatment. beyond a doubt, the patients make the overall experience worth while. the entire treatment process. I would not hesitate to recommend this program to anyone wanting to increase their implant skills and knowledge.
    Cory Logan
  • Pepe
    The most impressive course i've taken. The facility is immaculate, Dr. Octavio + the staff have a true heart for teaching + helping others. The patients were grateful + as awesome as one could ask for. The culture + the enviroment +humble, helpful,+there to teach + serve. This goes well beyond as seminar-this is an experience. 3 days ago i had never done a root form implant. I finish today with an absolute + clear concept + sky-high confidence. It was a priviledge + honor to be able to attend this course at Avant Garde.  
  • David Beaucheman
    All i know is i came here because of recomendation of friend. had no idea what to expext. Somewhat scare + anxious. Immediatly i was past at easy with the obvious care + time spent on me by everyone on the staff who worked with me, i came in hiding mi smile, and i am living with nothing to hide, my wish is that everyone should be so fortunate as to meet such lovely + caring people to wortk on such a sensitive area of the body.I appreciate all of you. You have been part of changing my life
    David Beaucheman
  •  Charles W. Burnside
    Dr Gilberto Varajas and Dr Octavio Lomeli, I am sending this message to thank both of of you and the entire staff at Dental Avant Garde for the attention and care provided me and my family that we have received over the last 10 years. I am pleased to be writing now because the dental problems I had received treatment for from other supposedly “good and expensive” dentists in the US and MX are finally solved due to to your excellent skill, service, kindness, and painless treatment. I must share the fact that I was amazed at how little pain and discomfort there was for the actual installation of the posts needed for the two implant teeth you installed last week. I hope you will share my thanks with the staff and this recommendation with others who are searching for a highly qualified, kind and fair dental clinic. It is so wonderful to be able to go to a Dentist office and actually feel relaxed knowing we are in great, capable hands. Your offices are clean with the most up to date Dental equipment I have seen in Mexico or the United States. You and your Staff are professional, highly skilled and reassuring to patients. We highly recommend you to others in every regard. My Thank You and Recommendation,
    Charles W. Burnside
  • Len Carol Martin
    I just wanted to extend my compliments to Dr. Lomeli's office.  I was there recently for a cleaning and to have a small cavity taken care of.  The office is as modern, professional, and well equiped as any I've seen in the US.  I have been going to Dr. Lomeli for three years and I think it has continued to improve over that time.  This time, Dra Erika cleaned my teeth and two days later, Dra Frida filled the small cavity, making the tooth look better than it has in years.  Both are knowledgeable in their field, professional, personable, and speak excellent English.  Dr. Lomeli can be proud of his office and the staff he has assembled.
    Len Carol Martin
  • Gordon Heath
    Dr. Octavio Lomeli was wonderful. Very nice man and the rest of the staff were extremely professional. My surprise came when having gone on the Monday, that my teeth would be ready by Thursday! OMG, that would never happen in Canada, I think. Many , many thanks.
    Gordon Heath
  • Leslie Gore
    Yesterday I had a crown put on by Dr. Adrian Octavio Lomelli, an expert on TMJ and prosthetics. His is the most high tech, efficient, and human dentist's office I have ever seen. Full of sculpture and art, the spacious facilities were equipped with instant computer generated imaging machines, which render the old X-ray obsolete. I was invited to watch as a grinding machine made my crown in about fifteen minutes. An older man with a world of experience, he treated his young assistants as equals throughout the process. The whole crew seems very happy, and when the doctor wasn't singing, the tech guy was. I'm not sure why this reduced the pain and stress of the experience by about half, but it did. It cost five hundred dollars and was over in a matter of hours. Compared with the estimate I got at a California dentist of a six month process costing nearly five grand, and including root canals and retainers... well, I'm not sure they're worth comparing. It was all explained so clearly and intelligently that I felt completely at ease the whole time. 
    Leslie Gore
  • Constance
    My name is Constance,and I am Canadian.  I have had years of pain,suffering and unprofessional service from a few canadian dentists.  Expensive treatments that just never seemed to help,  I was at the point that implants were my only option. I spent most days in the house not going anywhere,as my denture was so ill fitting and painful to wear,that I avoided wearing it to go anywhere. After much consideration I chose to have my dentistry done at Dr. Octavio's clinic. It truly was the best thing I have ever done!  From start to finish, the staff and Dr. Octavio were understanding, professional and enthusiastic about my treatment. They put a plan in place, to have the implants done as well as an added root canal, crown replacement,and complete new upper partial plate. Immediately after my implant surgery, and for the full week of healing, there was NO pain at all! Here I have 4 metal screws in my lower jaw, and it doesn't hurt? Now that's a surprise! I would recommend Dental Avant Garde to anyone, from basic dentistry to difficult cases. The Canadian system is far too costly for most of us to even think about this much work! This clinic is truly a blessing! Thank you to everyone at Dental Avant Garde, and a special thanks to Dr Octavio for giving me back my smile!